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January 29 – February 26, 2016
Reception: Friday, January 29, 2016 6-8 PM
Location: Art Village Gallery, 410 S. Main Street

This exhibit is a celebration of contemporary works of art from Africa and the diaspora. The exhibit will highlight the talent and stories of established artists known in the African art community, and introduce a new generation of artists.

Featured Artists

Noel Jones ArtistZeinu MuduserJoshua Strydom Artist  Kiersten WilliamsAnthony Lee

January 29 – February 26, 2016
Reception: Friday, January 29, 2016 6-8 PM
Location: Leadership Memphis Gallery, 363 South Main Street

The artists in this exhibition embrace abstraction by offering layers of movement and emotion through their use of color, form, and composition. The high and low energy of the paintings presented will conjure up thoughts of an unknown world. Both artists have a unique style that will truly engage viewers in active dialogue.

Featured Artists

Bonnie GravetteNoel Jones Artist

Ron Campbell


Exhibition: July 31 – August 2
Reception: July 31 6pm – 8pm


Ron Campbell


Campbell will also be exhibiting artwork featuring other beloved cartoon characters that encompass his 50-year career in Children’s Television such as Scooby Doo, the Smurfs, Rugrats, Winnie the Pooh, Flintstones, Jetsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & more. ALL WORKS ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE.


In 1964 the Beatles invaded the United States, performing for 73 million people on the Ed Sullivan Show and dominating the US pop charts for years. Now over five decades later, the Fab Four continue to be the most celebrated musical group in Rock history.


  • Ron Campbell, director of the 1960’s Saturday Morning
  • Beatles Cartoon series and animator of the Beatles
  • Film Yellow Submarine will make a rare personal appearance at Art Village Gallery at 410 S. Main St. in
  • Ron will showcase his original Beatles cartoon paintings created specially for the show and create new Beatles pop art paintings live at the exhibit. The exhibit is free and all works are available for purchase.

Craig Thompson


Exhibition: August 28 – September 18
Reception: August 28 6pm – 8pm



As a designer and art director I was looking for a way to somehow convey the emotional and spiritual experiences I was witnessing. Naturally, having hung around photographers my whole career, I turned to the camera. First film, and then as I was going broke developing all of the photos I took, digital.


With much encouragement and advice from my photographer buddies, I started devoting any spare moment on mission trips to documenting what I was seeing and feeling. And it didn’t take long to see that my lens was drawn to the incredible people I was coming in contact with. I found myself investing more and more time trying to capture the essence of the folks I have had the privilege to encounter.


Lately I have begun to shoot here in the states as well in the same documentary style, but only when its appropriate. My heart will always be out there in the mission field trying to capture the beauty and diversity of God’s people.


A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Craig is a graduate of Briarcrest Christian School with a BFA from the University of Memphis. He has been married to Cindy for 25+ years with two children, Rachel 22 and Nate 19.